WoWGaming, new Wotlk Resource site!


Few weeks ago has been created a project:
It’s a WoW resource pool (Db search, wiki, addons etc) subdivided by expansion that currently support wotlk 3.3.5a
All information inside are stored  with original data from that specific game version.

It’s totally Free and Open Source alternative to (dead?) OpenWoW site!

Please read this page to understand why and how we can do it.

This project can be helpful for:

  • Wiki and Database search engine for educational Open Source application server projects
  • Keeping an historical archive of World of Warcraft original data
  • Discussing and Blogging about newest and oldest WoW Facts

wotlk portal (index of all subsite below):


addon list:


Our repositories:

If you want to help us or maintaining another version using our free tools

Please, Contact us on Discord