Roadmap 2018

Hello guys

i would share with you some important points we will deal with this year

chronological order:

  3. REV 2.0


1.0 internal docs and pull request

First of all, we can move our documentation from limited wiki platform offered by github to git-wiki project (

This will allow us to have a powerful documentation platform that allows PR moreover the documentation will be included inside the core repository itself.

Commits,issues & PR regarding documentation must be prefixed with “[DOC]” tag


1.1 documented modules & script AI


In new wiki MUST be present a complete guide on how to create modules and scripts and the entire list of hooks with description and usage examples…allowing people to create a module in few minutes.


  1. We should find a working solution allowing installer to recognize modules that are compatible with a specific core version

1.2 documented database


We must create our list of tables documentation since our structure is a bit different compared to TC one.


1.3 documented opcodes


Another important aaspect of the core that must be documented are the opcodes, it will allow developers to work on own client project, from simple chats to entire games. We can create a simple example of how to create a client that handles the auth & character list.

Read paragraph 7 below for more information about.



To simplify and improving support & requests we could create a repository where people are able to ask support for installation, for personal issues and other things that are not strictly related to development. Moreover they can ask for modules & tools implementation or just discuss about topics. This issuetracker will act as a forum, in fact we could remove our current forum or just keep few useful sections.


Another great opportunity of this issuetracker would be the bountysource integration. With bountysource a developer/supporter can ask an amount of money to solve complex issues or create specific modules…or an user can place a bounty to speedup that request or ask for private support.


This is an alternative way to create “premium support” powered by the community.

4. REV 2.0


Revision 2.0 is near! Todo:


  1. Documentation in repository
  2. Improve and fix console dashboard (
  3. Implement module installation with core revision check



Most of time we are not able to understand what is the current status of fixes about a specific gaming content. In fact would be nice to know the percentage of fixed quests, instances, spell, generic server bugs etc.


In this case we can use new feature from Github: Projects.


We could create as many projects as needed to track a specific category of issues. Trying to keep the percentage high.


We could even create an issue (closed by default) for all gaming content (creatures/quest/items/spells/instances/gobjects) via an automatic script.

Having the possibility to reopen that issue when a specific element has a bug.

This allows to understand exactly how many things are not working currently.


Another great project i’m working on is the wordpress integration for AzerothCore.


Why wordpress and not FusionCMS?


WordPress is an extremely extensible and thin CMS.

When you install it you’re able to create pages and posts and manage Users. Nothing else.

Then you can install plugins and themes to extend its functionalities and transform it in any kind of software you want. Even a RESTful server.


So our goal is to create a set of plugins and a basic skeleton theme that can be used to create you own site, with your own theme and poweved by our plugins and wordpress.


Currently the plugin is pre-alpha stage:


But it’s really easy to add functionalities to integrate services such as: account registration & manage, character list, soap calls etc.



One of the main target of AzerothCore was the MMO Project.

In fact this slogan is still used by TrinityCore and Mangos but they never really worked on it.


AzerothCore instead started with the creation of a full-working chat based on our server that is not related in any way with WoW.

A demo was available here: and this is the client app:


But it’s not enough!


The perfect goal would be to create an open source game client project, based on Unity3D for example, that DOES NOT use wow assets!


This game must support AzerothCore opcodes implementing basic functionalities.


There are various projects that tried to do it but they are still strictly related to wow client data.

For example:


One of the main issue about wow data however is the map:


Another goal would be to allow an user to use or code related to World of Warcraft when compiling AzerothCore server.


This can be done in 2 ways:
1) create a specific repository where all wow code will be removed

2) move all wow-related code in scripts.


And of course we should move dbc to database and offer a clean db for MMO projects.


Why do we need it?


i’ll list you the most interesting points, but there are so much opportunities that you cannot imagine.


    1. Advertise AzerothCore as a real MMO Framework in any kind of channels will allow us to found new coworkers and increase the community. We can even become another free server framework for unity3d games!


  • READ WITH CAUTION: you can create your own legal gaming community based on AzerothCore + that Open Source Game Client
    (but remember that wow client is supported too!!! and it’s not your responsability anymore)


  1. Create your alternative Game



We need more co-workers!

AS you understand AzerothCore IS NOT another  “wrath of the lich king emulator”.

AzerothCore means: unlimited possibilities!


We are focusing on modules, good revisioning, good programming and of course even on a totally playable wotlk…and we should be choosen instead of TrinityCore and other projects that are not as much flexible.

Moreover AzerothCore must be powered by the community and its development must be detached from the founder.


For example…


Angularjs IS NOT the  Miško Hevery project

WordPress IS NOT the Matt Mullenweg project

TrinityCore IS NOT the King Pin project


And AzerothCore MUST NOT BE “The Yehonal Project”.


This kind of view destroys the community itself since if it’s all based on the founder.

But founder worked for 12 years on this kind of projects and now he doesn’t have enough time for daily commits, organize and support…all together….

then if these should be the conditions the project is automatically dead or will grow up very slowly.


This is why we created “a new concept” for server frameworks and not just another Wotlk emulator (even the most playable one in terms of contents)


There must be coding standards & rules

There must be documentation & semantic version

There must be plug & play modules

There must be a CMS and tools

There must be a client

There must be even a “business plan” making our devs and supporters gain from their work.


But the development must be powered by the community and from the most active developers… not from the founder!


Join AzerothCore and show us your skills in any field you like!

WoWGaming, new Wotlk Resource site!


Few weeks ago has been created a project:
It’s a WoW resource pool (Db search, wiki, addons etc) subdivided by expansion that currently support wotlk 3.3.5a
All information inside are stored  with original data from that specific game version.

It’s totally Free and Open Source alternative to (dead?) OpenWoW site!

Please read this page to understand why and how we can do it.

This project can be helpful for:

  • Wiki and Database search engine for educational Open Source application server projects
  • Keeping an historical archive of World of Warcraft original data
  • Discussing and Blogging about newest and oldest WoW Facts

wotlk portal (index of all subsite below):


addon list:


Our repositories:

If you want to help us or maintaining another version using our free tools

Please, Contact us on Discord